Some of the recitation problems are assigned from the required textbook. During recitation, students have an opportunity to go through practice problems with the teaching assistants.

Buy at Amazon Birkhoff, Garret, and Gian-Carlo Rota. Ordinary Differential Equations. 4th ed. New York, NY: Wiley, 1989. ISBN: 9780471860037.


Unit I: First-order differential equations
R1 Recitation 1 (PDF)
R2 Recitation 2 (PDF)
R3 Recitation 3 (PDF)
Unit II: Second-order linear equations
R4 Recitation 4 (PDF)
R5 Practice midterm 1 (PDF)
R6 Recitation 6 (PDF)
Unit III: Higher-order linear equations
R7 Recitation 7 (PDF)
R8 Recitation 8 (PDF)
R9 Recitation 9 (PDF)
R10 Recitation 10 (PDF)
R11 Practice midterm 2 (PDF)
Unit V: The Laplace transform
R12 Recitation 12 (PDF)
R13 Recitation 13 (PDF)
R14 Recitation 14 (PDF)
Unit VI: The linear systems
R15 Recitation 15 (PDF)
R16 Recitation 16 (PDF)
R17 Practice midterm 3 (PDF)
R18 Recitation 18 (PDF)