Economic & Environmental Issues in Materials Selection

Image collage of road constuction, airplane, circuit board and car.

Economic and environmental performance affects the materials selection decisions for every type of engineered product. (Clockwise from top left: The Boston, MA Central Artery Project, courtesy of U.S. EPA; aircraft, courtesy of Adrian Pingstone; circuit board; courtesy of Angelo Leithold; hybrid automobile schematic, courtesy of U.S. EPA)


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Fall 2005



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Course Description

Choice of material has implications throughout the life-cycle of a product, influencing many aspects of economic and environmental performance. This course will provide a survey of methods for evaluating those implications. Lectures will cover topics in material choice concepts, fundamentals of engineering economics, manufacturing economics modeling methods, and life-cycle environmental evaluation.

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Randolph Kirchain. 3.080 Economic & Environmental Issues in Materials Selection. Fall 2005. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

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