Response Paper 2

Due Session 17

Choose one of the following questions, and write two pages in response.


  • Include a title and your name on a single line at the top of your essay
  • Indent paragraphs; do not double space between paragraphs
  • Doiuble space between lines; use 1" margins all around
  • Use Times or Times New Roman font; 12 point


  1. Discuss the disparity between the women's understanding of their role in the American economy and what Otsuka's The Buddha in the Attic suggests is the American perception of the Japanese women's power.
  2. Discuss the complexities and nuances of the relationshiop between the Japanese women and the white women in The Buddha in the Attic. Was it strictly an employer/employee relationship, or something more?
  3. Discuss the portrayal of motherhood in Papi.
  4. Analyze the role of men in the gender economy in either Bales's "Because She Looks Like a Child" or Brennan's "Selling Sex for Visas."
  5. Analyze the relationship between migration and machismo in either "Selling Sex for Visas" or Papi.