Ethics in Your Life: Being, Thinking, Doing (or Not?)

In the midst of other marchers, a black woman holds a sign reading: "March to End Racial Profiling."

On June 17, 2012, thousands participated in a silent march to end racial profiling in NYC. (Image courtesy of longislandwins on flickr. License CC BY.)


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Course Description

This seminar is made possible through a collaboration between Radius and the Philosophy section of MIT. This course provides an opportunity to explore a wide range of ethical issues through guided discussions that are geared to equip students for ongoing reflection and action. Lectures and discussions with guest faculty, as well as attendance at on-and off-campus events, expose students to ethical problems and resources for addressing them. The course also encourages students to work collaboratively as they clarify their personal and vocational principles.

Topics vary each term and reflect the interests of those enrolled.

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Sally Haslanger, Patricia-Maria Weinmann, and Brendan de Kenessey. 24.191 Ethics in Your Life: Being, Thinking, Doing (or Not?). Spring 2015. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

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