Oral Communication in Spanish

A graphic map with photos of goals and skills needed.

Goals and skills. (Image courtesy of Adolfo Plasencia Diago. Used with Permission.)


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Spring 2004



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Each week every student presents a multimedia contribution dealing with some aspect of Hispanic culture. Long-term group assignments include creating and reading aloud segments of an original narrative in the form of diary entries, and participation in a simulated trial that requires both preparation and improvisation. Students also watch and comment on recent films, including La virgen de los sicarios (Colombia), Pantaleón y las visitadoras (Perú), a documentary on the kidnapping of Colombian activist Ingrid Betancourt, and segments of Sin noticias de Dios (Spain) with Penelope Cruz, Victoria Abril and Gael García Bernal.

Course Description

A second-year intermediate course that includes vocabulary enhancement and limited review of selected points of grammar. Focuses on listening comprehension and speaking, with group activities, discussions and individual oral reports based on readings, films, music and art.

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