Japanese IV

Animation showing the stroke order for the kanji meaning ''wind.''

Kanji for "wind." (Image by Micheletb on Wikimedia Commons.)


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Spring 2009



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Course Description

This course covers Japanese: The Spoken Language lessons 17 through 22. It will further develop the four basic skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing, that students have acquired through Japanese I, II and III courses, with emphasis on oral communication skills in various practical situations. Students will learn approximately 100 Kanji characters in this course. Sessions in English cover grammar explanation, socio-cultural information and other important issues for using the language, while Japanese lessons focus on the actual use of the language, integrating students' prior knowledge with newly learned patterns, and communicating within the frame given in the class.

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Ikue Shingu, Yoshimi Nagaya, and Ayumi Nagatomi. 21G.504 Japanese IV. Spring 2009. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, https://ocw.mit.edu. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

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