Chinese I (Streamlined)

Three Chinese characters in four different calligraphy scripts written on calligraphy grid paper, with two brushes, a bottle of ink, and an inkstone at the side.

Three Chinese characters, "Butterfly(蝶)," "Love(戀)," and "Flower(花)," of which consist the title of a classical Chinese lyric poetry in the Song Dynasty (960–1279), are written in four different calligraphy scripts, with the use of the "Four Treasures of the Study (文房四寶)," including a brush, an ink, paper, and an inkstone. (Image courtesy of Cathy Cho on Flickr.)


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21G.107 / 21G.157 / 21G.181

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Fall 2014


Undergraduate / Graduate

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Min-Min Liang describes her approach to teaching in dual-language Instructor Insights videos (English and Chinese).

Course Description

This course, along with 21G.108 / 158 offered in the spring, form the elementary level of the streamlined sequence, which is for students who have some basic conversational skills gained, typically, from growing up in a Chinese speaking environment, but lack a corresponding level of literacy. The focus of the course is on learning standard everyday usage, on reading in both full and simplified characters, and on writing. This course, along with 21G.108 / 158 offered in the spring, are conducted entirely in Chinese.

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Min-Min Liang. 21G.107 Chinese I (Streamlined). Fall 2014. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

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