Chinese VI (Regular): Discovering Chinese Cultures and Societies

Drawing of a Chinese parade with a lion dancer.

Postcard depicting San Fransisco's Chinese New Year celebration, circa 1910. (Image courtesy of the California Historical Society, San Francisco.)


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Spring 2003



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Prof. Chen asked a number of colleagues and friends in China to submit thoughts on various topics, to which the students responded via the course discussion board. The submissions by Dr. Chen's colleagues and friends are available in the study materials section. In addition, the assignments section includes video and audio materials.

Course Description

This course is the continuation of 21G.105. It is designed to further help students develop sophisticated conversational, reading and writing skills by combining traditional textbook material with their own explorations of Chinese speaking societies, using the human, literary, and electronic resources available at MIT and in the Boston area. Some special features of Chinese society, its culture, its customs and habits, its history, and the psychology of its people are introduced. The class consists of reading, discussion, composition, network exploration, and conversational practice. The course is conducted in Mandarin.

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