The calendar below provides information on the course's lecture (L), recitation (R), and quiz (Q) sessions. The calendar also provides the topics of films and demonstrations shown in class.

I. Maxwell's equations and boundary conditions
L1 Integral form of Maxwell's equations   Problem set 1 out
R1 Gauss' and Ampere's law problems using integral laws

1.4.1 - Magnetic field of a line current

1.6.1 - Voltmeter reading induced by magnetic induction

L2 Differential form of Maxwell's equations    
R2 Gauss' and Ampere's law problems using differential laws    
L3 Electroquasistatic (EQS) and magnetoquasistatic (MQS) fields and boundary conditions   Problem set 2 out
R3 Examples of quasistatic systems; short transmission lines   Problem set 1 due
L4 The scalar electric potential and the Coulomb superposition integral    
R4 Superposition integral examples    
L5 Method of images 4.7.1 - Charge induced in ground plane by overhead conductor Problem set 3 out
R5 Method of images examples   Problem set 2 due
L6 Magnetoquasistatics 8.2.1 - Fields of a circular cylindrical solenoid  
R6 MQS problems 8.2.2 - Magnetic field of a Helmholtz coil  
II. Polarization, conduction, and magnetization
R7 Dielectric polarization and capacitance 6.6.1 - Artificial dielectric Problem set 3 due
L7 Polarization and conduction

7.7.1 - Relaxation of charge on particle in Ohmic conductor

Supplement: Van de Graaff and Kelvin generators

Problem set 4 out
R8 Conduction, resistance, and capacitance problems    
L8 Magnetization 9.4.1 - Measurements of B-H characteristic Problem set 5 out
R9 Magnetic circuits, inductance, transformers 8.6.1 - Surface currents induced in ground plane by overhead conductor Problem set 4 due
L9 Magnetic diffusion phenomena 10.0.1 - Non uniqueness of voltage in an MQS system  
R10 Magnetic diffusion, skin effect    
III. Boundary value EQS and MQS problems
L10 Solutions to Laplace's equation in cartesian coordinates    
  Review of course to date    
Q1 Quiz 1    
R11 Skin effect problems    
L11 Solutions to Laplace's equation in polar and spherical coordinates    
R12 EQS boundary value problems in cartesian coordinates 7.5.1 - Distribution of unpaired charge  
IV. Electromagnetic fields and forces
L12 Electroquasistatic forces   Problem set 6 out
R13 EQS and MQS boundary value problems in polar geometries 7.5.2 - Rotation of an insulating rod in a steady current Problem set 5 due
L13 Magnetoquasistatic forces    
R14 EQS and MQS boundary value problems in spherical coordinates    
L14 Fields and moving media   Problem set 7 out
R15 Forces in EQS devices   Problem set 6 due
L15 Force densities, stress tensors, and forces    

Forces in MQS devices

Film: Synchronous Machines

V. Electromechanical waves
L16 Elastic waves on a thin rod   Problem set 8 out
R17 Moving media problems; Faraday disk (homopolar) machines   Problem set 7 due
L17 Transient waves on transmission lines    
R18 Torque-speed machine problems    

Waves and instabilities in elastic media

Film: Complex Waves I

DC, AC, and electromechanically self-excited commutator machines Problem set 9 out
R19 EQS forces, force densities, and stress tensors   Problem set 8 due
R20 Applications of the EQS Maxwell stress tensor    
R21 Review for quiz 2    
Q2 Quiz 2    
R22 EQS Maxwell stress tensor problems    

Waves and instabilities in the presence of motion

Film: Complex Waves II

R23 Applications of the MQS stress tensor    
L20 Electromechanics of elastic waves   Problem set 10 out
R24 Longitudinal waves in thin rods   Problem set 9 due
L21 Reflections from boundaries    
R25 Longitudinal elastic wave problems    
L22 Transverse waves in wires and membranes   Problem set 11 out
R26 Analysis of ω-k dispersion and instabilities   Problem set 10 due
L23 Instabilities of transverse waves in wires and membranes    
R27 Electromechanical waves and instabilities in moving media    
L24 Electromechanical wave and instability problems    
R28 Electromechanical wave and instability problems (cont.)   Problem set 11 due
  Course review    
Q3 Final exam