Specs and Software


After being foiled yet another year by the power of fun gamers, the evil Professor Mordemort was captured and placed in the most secured cell in the Galactic Hold. Now, it is one year after those terrible events, and peace reigns supreme in the galaxy, new and faster methods of reaching far off planets being provided by Vanqeri Technologies, and the Interuniverse Defense League (IDL) is stronger than ever. However, there are rumors of an unknown force that is attacking planets on the outer rim of the galaxy, an enemy that is rumored to be using ancient technology and trench warfare to gain the upper-hand. The IDL is calling on Coders throughout the galaxy to help combat this unknown enemy before the devastation they are causing reaches the more populated worlds.

The objective this year is simple. Violently eliminate the opponent's HQ through a constant barrage of soldiers. There are many encampments across the map that may aid in this endeavor, allowing you to fortify positions and take map control. Should you need them, you may also research a number of upgrades that provide you with a large tactical advantage on the battlefield.

Good luck!

From here, you can read the rest of the Battlecode 2013 Gameplay Specs and information on getting started with the Battlecode 2013 Software.

The example player and documentation specific to IAP 2013 are courtesy of Battlecode 2013 developers (Yanping Chen, Cory Li, Haitao Mao, and Steven Valdez) and are used with permission.

The code base is the result of a collaborative effort of all developers who have helped run Battlecode in prior years, and is courtesy of current, past, and Battlecode 2013 developers (Yanping Chen, Adam Donovan, Arash Ferdowsi, Benjamin Frenkel, David Greenspan, Daniel Gulotta, Aaron Iba, Amrik Kochhar, Cory Li, Maxwell Mann, Haitao Mao, Matthew Papi, Trevor Rundell, Andrew Sugaya, Aleks Tamarkin, Steven Valdez, Sherry Wu, and Yang Yang).

Software Downloads

Installer (JAR - 30.6MB)

All Installer Releases (ZIP - 367.3 MB) (This ZIP file contains: 12 .jar files and 1 .java file.)

Example Player (ZIP) (This ZIP file contains: 1 .java file.)