This course is offered during IAP with typically four weeks of class in January. Students may attend the optional lectures and lab hours, which are offered during the first two weeks. The remaining time is open for teams to develop their players and scrimmage with other teams.

DAY # Activities KEY DATES
1 Lecture 1: Introduction to Battlecode
Optional lab
Specs and software released; competition begins
2 Lecture 2: Writing Your First Player
Optional lab
3 Lecture 3: Navigation
Optional lab
4 Lecture 4: Git Repository
Optional lab
5 Lecture 5: Swarms, Artillery, and Mines
Optional lab
6 Lecture 6: Numerical Strategy
Optional lab
Sprint tournament submission deadline
7 Lecture 7: The Lost Lecture
Optional lab
8 Sprint tournament
9 Lecture 8: Lessons from the Sprint Tournament
Optional lab
10-12 Development and scrimmages Seeding tournament submission deadline (Day 12)
13 Seeding tournament
14-17 Development and scrimmages Final submission deadline (Day 17)
18 Qualifying tournament
19 Final tournament