Advanced Circuit Techniques

Photo of a root locus demo board.

Root locus demo board. (Image courtesy of Kent Lundberg.)


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Spring 2002



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This course is part of a series of Analog courses, which includes 6.301 (Solid-State Circuits), 6.302 (Feedback Systems), and 6.331. The site features a full set of problem sets and laboratory assignments.

Course Description

Following a brief classroom discussion of relevant principles, each student in this course completes the paper design of several advanced circuits such as multiplexers, sample-and-holds, gain-controlled amplifiers, analog multipliers, digital-to-analog or analog-to-digital converters, and power amplifiers. One of each student's designs is presented to the class, and one may be built and evaluated. Associated laboratory assignments emphasize the use of modern analog building blocks. This course is worth 12 Engineering Design Points.

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James Roberge, and Kent Lundberg. 6.331 Advanced Circuit Techniques. Spring 2002. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

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