The following handouts are courtesy of Prof. Joel Dawson and are used with permission. No handouts are available for R21 or R22; these recitations were given by the teaching assistants.

SES # Topics
R1 Closed loop vs. open loop systems (PDF)
R2 Block diagrams and physical modeling (PDF)
R3 Block diagrams (cont.) (PDF)
R4 Complex variables and the s-plane (PDF)
R5 Op-amp circuits and analog computers (PDF)
R6 Steady-state errors (PDF)
R7 Root locus (PDF)
R8 Root locus (cont.) (PDF)
R9 Introduction to the Nyquist criterion (PDF)
R10 Nyquist stability (PDF)
R11 Phase-locked loops (PDF)
R12 Phase-locked loops II (PDF)
R13 Our analytical toolbox (PDF)
R14 Bode obstacle course (PDF)
R15 More Bode obstacle course and compensation (PDF)
R16 Compensation (PDF)
R17 Black's formula revisited and lead compensation (PDF)
R18 Minor loop feedback (PDF)
R19 Minor loop in an op-amp (PDF)
R20 Minor loop in an op-amp (cont.) (PDF)
R21 Block diagrams from circuits
R22 Return ratio
R23 Time delays (PDF)
R24 Describing functions (PDF)
R25 Feedback systems (PDF)
R26 Final recitation and review (PDF)