This section contains practice exams from previous years, and the exam given during the Spring 2006 semester. Quiz 2 Spring 2003 was held at the same point in the 2003 semester as was the single quiz in 2004. Students had access to these practice exams when preparing for their own quiz.

EXAMS Topics
Quiz Spring 2006 (PDF)

Problem 1: Sequential building blocks and counters

Problem 2: Carry-skip adders

Problem 3: Glitches in digital design

Problem 4: Memory

Problem 5: Verilog®

Quiz Spring 2004 (PDF)

Problem 1: Sequential building block characterization

Problem 2: Clock gating circuit

Problem 3: Arithmetic

Problem 4: FPGA

Problem 5: Verilog®

Quiz 1 Spring 2003 (PDF)

Problem 1: Counters

Problem 2: VHDL of sequential circuits

Problem 3: Timing and memory

Quiz 2 Spring 2003 (PDF)

Problem 1: FPGA

Problem 2: Finite state machine design for a successive approximation ADC

Problem 3: FSM/VHDL

Problem 4: Arithmetic structures and transformations