The table below provides information on the required readings for the course.

All reading are in the course textbook: Howe, R. T., and C. G. Sodini. Microelectronics: An Integrated Approach. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1996. ISBN: 0135885183.

Ses # Topics Readings
L1 Overview of 6.012 Chapter 1
L2 Introduction to Semiconductors: Electrons and Holes, Donors and Acceptors Chapter 2, sections 2.1-2.3
L3 Carrier Transport: Drift and Diffusion Chapter 2, sections 2.4-2.6
L4 Electrostatics in Semiconductors

The "60 mV Rule"
Chapter 3, sections 3.1-3.2
L5 p-n Junction Electrostatics in Thermal Equilibrium Chapter 3, sections 3.3-3.4
L6 p-n Junction Electrostatics under Bias, Depletion Capacitance Chapter 3, sections 3.5-3.6
L7 MOS Electrostatics at 0 V Chapter 3, sections 3.7-3.8
L8 MOS Electrostatics under Bias, MOS Capacitance Chapter 3, sections 3.8-3.9
L9 MOSFET: I-V Characteristics (Qualitative, Linear) Chapter 4, sections 4.1-4.3
L10 MOSFET: I-V Characteristics (Saturation, Back Bias) Chapter 4, section 4.4
L11 MOSFET Equivalent Circuit Models Chapter 4, sections 4.5-4.6
Digital Circuits
L12 Logic Concepts

Inverter Characteristics

NMOS Inverter
Chapter 5, sections 5.1-5.3.2
L13 CMOS Inverter

Transfer Characteristics
Chapter 5, section 5.3
L14 CMOS Inverter (cont.)


CMOS Scaling, VLSI
Chapter 5, section 5.4
Bipolar Transistor
L15 p-n Junction Diode I-V Characteristics Chapter 6, sections 6.1-6.3
L16 p-n Junction Equivalent Circuit Models, Charge Storage, Diffusion Capacitance Chapter 6, sections 6.4-6.5 and 6.9
L17 BJT Electrostatics, Forward Active Regime Chapter 7, sections 7.1-7.2
L18 Other Regimes of Operation of BJT

Equivalent Circuit Models
Chapter 7, sections 7.3-7.4
Analog Circuits
L19 Single-stage Amplifiers

Common-source Amplifier Stage
Chapter 8, sections 8.1-8.6
L20 Other MOSFET Amplifier Stages Chapter 8, sections 8.7-8.9
L21 Multistage Amplifiers Chapter 9, sections 9.1-9.3
L22 Current Sources and Sinks Chapter 9, section 9.4
L23 Frequency Response of Common-source Amplifier Chapter 10, sections 10.1-10.4
L24 Miller Effect, Open-circuit Time Constant Technique Chapter 10, sections 10.4.4-10.4.5 and 10.6
L25 Frequency Response of other Amplifier Stages Chapter 9, section 9.3.3; Chapter 10, sections 10.5 and 10.7
L26 6.012 Wrap-up: Key Conclusions