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students working together in a small group

At the MIT Edgerton Center, students learn by doing. Photo courtesy of the Edgerton Center, by Dominick Reuter

Established in 1992, the MIT Edgerton Center continues the hands-on legacy of “Doc” Edgerton by providing students with the opportunity to learn by doing. Our subjects are designed to provide students with experiential knowledge of how to make things work, be it building a micro controller or developing a strobe photography experiment. We offer courses for credit and independent projects for MIT students, as well as our summer short program in high-speed imaging for professionals. Through our suite of D-Lab subjects, students can apply their knowledge to help solve technical challenges in the developing world.

A variety of UROPs (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Projects) are also available, ranging from electronics and design projects to teaching.

We also sponsor and work closely with student clubs and teams. At the Edgerton Student Shop in Building 44 we provide students with training and access to modern machine tools. In our K-12 Outreach program students help to teach hands-on science and engineering lessons.

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