1 Introduction No readings assigned.
2 Ideologies, Stereotypes and Agency

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3 Propaganda, Censorship and Net Neutrality

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4 Violence in Media and Video Games

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5 From Big Data to Big Brother: Surveillance and Privacy in the Information Age

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6 Digital Hacktivism, Civil Disobedience and Piracy

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Digital Rebellion, Direct Democracy and Cyber Left

Guest Speaker: Lara Baladi, Egyptian-Lebanese artist and activist

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Audio: Interview with Lara Baladi

8 GamerGate Controversy

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From Gamification to Gamepocalypse

Guest Speaker: Sebastian Deterding, Professor at Northeastern University

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Audio: Sebastian Deterding presentation
10 Socialization and Intimacy in Digital Environments

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11 One-on-one Appointments to Discuss the Final Paper No new readings assigned.
12 Collective Intelligence versus the Expert Paradigm

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13 Participatory Culture, Intellectual Property and Media Panic

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14 Artificial Intelligence, Posthumanism and Technological Apocalypse

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