1 Introduction  
2 Ideologies, Stereotypes and Agency Hollywood Movies, Election Coverage, News Reports, Publicity, Social Representation of Identity (Race, Gender, Class)
3 Propaganda, Censorship and Net Neutrality Propaganda or Censorship in China / Russia / Middle East, Coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Net Neutrality
4 Violence in Media and Video Games Violence and Women, Censoring Violence, Violent Video Games
5 From Big Data to Big Brother: Surveillance and Privacy in the Information Age Drones, Google, etc.
6 Digital Hacktivism, Civil Disobedience and Piracy WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden

Digital Rebellion, Direct Democracy and Cyber Left

Guest: Lara Baladi, Egyptian-Lebanese artist and activist

Occupy Wall Street, Idle No More, Protests in China / Greece / Madrid, Protests Against Police Violence
8 GamerGate Controversy AAA Video Game (Fable, Lara Croft, Grand Theft Auto), Indie Games

From Gamification to Gamepocalypse

Guest: Sebastian Deterding, Professor at Northeastern University

Nike+, Mint, Foursquare, Fold it, Serious Games, Advergames
10 Socialization and Intimacy in Digital Environments Cyberbullying, Dating Websites
11 One-on-one Appointments to Discuss the Final Paper  
12 Collective Intelligence versus the Expert Paradigm Specialized Information Sites, Crowdsourcing, Millennium Project, Second Life
13 Participatory Culture, Intellectual Property and Media Panic Memes, Creative Commons, Micro-celebrities, Lifestreamers
14 Artificial Intelligence, Posthumanism and Technological Apocalypse

Dissertation due
Dystopian Films, Smartphone Applications, Robot, Cyberterrorism