All student work on this page appears courtesy of the students listed with each file, and is used with permission.

Weekly Writings (PDF)

Salen & Zimmerman. pp. 77-81 and 122-155. (PDF)
Salen & Zimmerman. pp. 83-86 and 296-313. (PDF)
Salen & Zimmerman. pp. 9-13 and 476-502. (PDF)
Salen & Zimmerman. pp. 9-13 and 728-753. (PDF)
Salen & Zimmerman. pp. 27-31 and 642-669. (PDF)
Frasca, G. "Simulation Versus Narrative: Introduction to Ludology." (PDF)
Salen & Zimmerman. pp. 33-36 and 670-689. (PDF)


Choosing a Game (PDF) and Videogame Analysis (PDF)

Tom Brown Halo I, II & III (PDF)  
Benjamin Chang Tales of Symphonia (PDF)  
Anonymous Disgaea 2 and Wrath: Unleashed (PDF) Why the Hell am I Playing This? A Defense of Wrath Unleashed (PDF)
Megan Firko Knights of the Old Republic (PDF) Moral Dilemmas in the Star Wars Universe (PDF)
Adalberto Garza Knights of the Old Republic I & II, and Fable (PDF)  
Paul Groudas Final Fantasy III (PDF) Compelling Environmental Storytelling (PDF)
Ben Kravit Bioshock (PDF) Learning a Whole New World: from Design Spaces to Agency (PDF)
John Lee Battle for Middle Earth (PDF)  
George Lin Wii Sports and Guitar Hero III (PDF) Video Games as Simulation, Story, and Sport (PDF)
Justin Moe Evil Genius, Overlord, Black and White 2, Knights of the Old Republic II (PDF) Pokemon Pearl (PDF - 1.0MB)
Matthew Peairs Psychonauts and the Sly Cooper series (PDF)  
Nick Ristuccia Syphon Filter series (PDF) Syphon Filter (PDF)
John Rogosic World of Warcraft (PDF) Within the Game (PDF)
Sarah Sperry Civilization series (PDF)  
Brian Syverud Half-Life series (PDF) Half-Life (PDF)
Karena Tyan Kingdom Hearts II and Dirge of Cerberus (PDF) Kingdom Hearts I vs. Kingdom Hearts II (PDF)
Gregory Vargas F.E.A.R., Bioshock, and Resident Evil I (PDF)  
Sisi Zhu The Sims 2 and MySims (PDF) Real Life Games: The Sims 2 and MySims (PDF)
Franklyn Lau The Sims 2   The Sims 2: a Game for Almost All Players (PDF)