1 Introductions

Student Introductions

Class Requirements

Examples of Past 780 Projects

Formulate Project Groups
2 Discussion of Project Group Ideas

Workshop Resumes / Letters

Brief (3 Minute Per Group) Oral Presentations on Statement of Projects

Workshop on Resumes and Letters

Presentation on Style and Graphics

Brief Discussion on Peer Review Techniques
3 Oral Proposals

Project Groups Formally Propose their Projects (20 Minute Group Presentation)
4 Peer Review Workshop on Written Proposals

Review Videotape of Oral Presentations
5 Individual Conferences
6 Discussion of Tufte Literature Review

In-class Viewing of Videotape of Prof. Widnall's Discussion of NASA Columbia Disaster

Discussion of Elements of Progress Reports
7 Elements of Progress Reports
8 Oral Progress Reports

Oral Progress Reports Presented in class Followed by Discussion of the Elements of Final Reports
9 Workshop Final Report Draft
10 Workshop Final Report Draft
11 Final Presentations

Final Oral Presentations (20 min. max.)
Class Evaluations

Final Reports