The Readings column refers to relevant sections in the course textbook:

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L1 Historical Background Chapter 1
L2 Wave Nature of the Electron and the Internal Structure of an Atom MathChapter A/Complex Numbers
L3 Two-Slit Experiment. Quantum Weirdness  
L4 Classical Wave Equation Chapter 2
L5 Quantum Mechanics: Free Particle and Particle in 1D box Chapter 3
L6 3-D Box and Separation of Variables  
L7 Classical Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator Chapter 5
L8 Quantum Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator  
L9 The Harmonic Oscillator: Creation and Annihilation Operators

Chapter 5


L10 The Time-Dependent Schrödinger Equation Chapter 4.9
L11 Wavepacket Dynamics for Harmonic Oscillator and PIB  
L12 Looking Backward Before First Hour Exam Chapter 4
E1 First Hour Exam  
L13 Interaction of Light with Matter Chapter 8.6
L14 Non-Degenerate Perturbation Theory I Chapter 8.4–8.6
L15 Non-Degenerate Perturbation Theory II  
L16 Rigid Rotor I Chapter 6
L17 Rigid Rotor II  
L18 Perturbation Theory III  
L19 Catch Up  
E2 Second Hour Exam  
L20 Hydrogen Atom I Chapter 7
L21 Hydrogen Atom II  
L22 Helium Atom Chapter 9.1–9.5
L23 Many Electron Atoms  
L24 Molecular Orbitals I Chapter 10
L25 Molecular Orbitals II  
L26 Molecular Orbitals III  
L27 Matrix Mechanics Chapters F, G, and H
L28 Qualitative MO Theory Chapter 11
L29 Modern Electronic Structure Theory  
E3 Third Hour Exam  
L30 Using Gaussian Chapter 12.2–12.5
L31 Intermolecular Interactions  
L32 Electronic Spectroscopy  
L33 Photochemistry  
L34 NMR I  
L35 NMR II  
L36 Course Review / Makeup Lecture  
E4 Final Exam