Lecture 31: Nuclear Chemistry and Chemical Kinetics

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  1. Nuclear Chemistry: Radioactive Decay
  2. Chemical Kinetics
    1. Second Order Integrated Rate Laws
    2. Relationship Between k and K
    3. Elementary Steps and Molecularity

Lecture Video

Professor Drennan recites Mala Radhakrishnan’s poem “Days of Our Half-Lives” as she provides an introduction to nuclear chemistry. With nuclear chemistry as a great example of a first order process, the lecture also goes on to talk about second order reactions. Chemical equilibrium is also revisited as the class considers the relationship between equilibrium constants and rate constants.

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Lecture Notes

Notes for Lecture 31 (PDF)

Clicker Questions

Lecture 31 Clicker Questions (PDF)

Textbook Reading

Second-Order Integrated Rate Laws Section 14.6 Section 13.6
Measuring the Radiation of Nuclear Decay Section 17.7 Section 17.7

Problems and Solutions

Problems for Lecture 31 (PDF)

Solutions for Lecture 31 (PDF)


Mala Radhakrishnan’s poem “Days of Our Half-Lives” in Atomic Romances, Molecular Dances is used with permission.

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