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[Preparatory Reading] = Schiller Lab web site.

Vision Section

Students should complete the assigned preparatory reading in advance of each class and should take 15–30 minutes to complete. Additionally, the following readings are assigned, though no specific lecture is provided.

[FundamentalNeuro] – Chapter 28.

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1 Introduction to course; Visual system  
2 Basic layout of the retina [Preparatory reading] Sections 1A–D: The neural control of vision.
3 The lateral geniculate nucleus and visual cortex [Preparatory reading] Sections 1E–F: The neural control of vision.
4 The ON and OFF channels [Preparatory reading] Section 1G: The neural control of vision.
5 The Midget and Parasol channels [Preparatory reading] Section 1H: The neural control of vision.
6 Adaptation and color [Preparatory reading] Sections 1I–J: The neural control of vision.
7 Depth perception [Preparatory reading] Section 1L: The neural control of vision.
8 Form perception [Preparatory reading] Sections 1M: The neural control of vision.
9 Illusions and visual prosthesis [Preparatory reading] Sections 1O and 3A–D: The neural control of vision.
10 The neural control of visually guided eye movements, part 1 [Preparatory reading] Sections 2A–B: The neural control of visually guided eye movements.
11 The neural control of visually guided eye movements, part 2 [Preparatory reading] Section 2C: The neural control of visually guided eye movements.
12 Motion perception and pursuit eye movements [Preparatory reading] Section 1K: The neural control of visually guided eye movements.
13 Overview of vision  
14 Sound: External, middle, and inner ears

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18 Hearing loss and cochlear implants. Demonstration by implant user

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21 Sound localization, part 2: Superior olivary complex and inferior colliculus

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24 Eaton-Peabody lab tour at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary  
25 Review of visual system  
26 Review of auditory system  


Supplemental Vision Readings

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