Recitation section problems cover material discussed in the specified lecture sessions listed in the table below.

*Note: Part C of the Lecture 6 file was not covered in the course.

1 Biology as a Science (PDF) (PDF)
3 Biochemistry: Molecules and Shapes (PDF) (PDF)

Biochemistry: Proteins (PDF)

Interactive protein structure viewing modules used for these problems may be found in the "StarBiochem" section of the MIT Software Tools for Academics & Researchers (STAR) site.

6 Biochemistry: Energy and Glycolysis* (PDF) (PDF)
7 Biochemistry: Photosynthesis and Respiration (PDF) (PDF)
9 Review (PDF)  
11 Molecular Biology: DNA as Genetic Material and DNA Replication (PDF) (PDF)
12 Molecular Biology: Transcription and Translation (PDF) (PDF)
14 Molecular Biology: Gene Regulation (PDF) (PDF)
15 Bacterial Genetics: Mutant Hunt (PDF) (PDF)
17 Bacterial Genetics: Complementation and Epistasis (PDF) (PDF)
18 Molecular Biology Review (PDF) (PDF)
19 Biogeochemical Cycles: Carbon and Energy Metabolism (PDF) (PDF)
20 Biogeochemical Cycles: Energy Flows (PDF) (PDF)
22 Diploid Genetics and Chromosomal Inheritance (PDF) (PDF)
23 Recombination and Pedigrees (PDF) (PDF)
25 Recombinant DNA and Cloning (PDF) (PDF)
26 Recombinant DNA: Libraries and Forensics (PDF) (PDF)
28 Quiz 3 Review (PDF)  
29 Immunology (PDF) (PDF)
30 Life Tables (PDF) (PDF)
32 From Yeast to Humans: Essential Genes on the Evolutionary Continuum (PDF) (PDF)
35 Communities (PDF) (PDF)
36 Designing Yeast Assays for Human Disease (PDF) (PDF)