L = Lecture

1 L1: Introduction to Design (de Weck)

L2: Hand Sketching (Wallace)
Form teams, Sketch initial designs by hand, Tour the facilities
2 L3: Airfoil Analysis, Xfoil Tutorial (Drela)

L4: CAD Modeling, SolidWorks® Tutorial (de Weck)
Choose initial airfoil, Rough sizing, Hand calculation of lift, drag and mass, Initial design of support structure (A) Hand sketch of conceptual design (1 page)
3 L5: Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)-FEM (de Weck)

L6: Design Optimization (de Weck)
Start FEM modeling, Refine loads analysis

Introduction to aero-structural interactions and optimization, Refine initial design
(B) Initial 2-D airfoil design and analysis (2-page memo)
4 L7: Guest Lecture: Bill Taylor (ArvinMeritor)

L8: Introduction to CAM (de Weck, Col. Young)
Introduction to water-jet cutter, and foam cutter (Col. Young), Lab work, Start manufacturing (C) Initial 3-D SolidWorks® model (2-page memo)
5 L9: Structural Testing (de Weck) Continue building wing, manufacture support structure, perform assembly (D) Final 3-D CAD model, including airfoil and FEM analysis (4-page report)
6 L10: Wind Tunnel Testing (Perdichizzi) Structural load test (E) Completed wing assignment (1-page report on manufacturing)
Testing - Wind Tunnel Test
7 Preparation for the Final Review (F) Final testing report (2-page report)
8 L11: Guest Lectures: Dr. Jaroslaw Sobieski, NASA
Dr. David Chang, GM

Critical Design Review (CDR)
Give final presentations; Announce winner of design competition (G) CDR presentation (max 7 slides), reflective memo (1 page)