“I gave to OCW because it makes sure learning is available to all.”

Harihar Subramanian
Harihar SubramanianHarihar Subramanian donates to OCW because he benefits greatly from these resources - both in his education and career.

Yvonne Ng | MIT OpenCourseWare

Harihar Subramanian is an applications engineer with the Bangalore design center of a California-based high technology start-up. He first learned of OCW as a student at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Since then, he has consulted OCW for information in a variety of areas such as business, physics, electronics, and essay writing.

Using OCW for professional development

Subramanian finds OCW to be a resource for building competency in the workplace. He says, "To say that OCW just helped me in my professional field is an understatement. I use OCW materials to hone my writing skills, to understand our business, and to improve my technical skill. So it's a major tool in my personal development.

I actively use OCW lecture notes as a basis to learn a new field like Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and then use my knowledge to start projects especially in MEMS and in product concept development for our company."

Benefitting from a 'free' education

Subramanian recognizes that much of his current success is based on the educational opportunities he's enjoyed. He states, "I have hugely benefited from free education. My graduate education at the Indian Institute of Science and Nanyang Technological University were on scholarship, so their invaluable educational resources were heavily subsidized for me. As a student in high school and in my undergraduate days, I benefited from the eastern economy editions (Western books re-printed at a lower cost)."

His contribution and support of OCW is his way of sustaining open access to education. He explains, "I gave to OCW because this concept makes sure that learning is available to all global citizens. My contribution is towards preserving the philosophy behind this great idea."

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