Lecture Notes

These lecture notes were written for the 2002 version of this course, and do not correspond directly to the calendar in the syllabus.

1 Introduction; Electric Charge (PDF)
2 Fundamental Forces; Coulomb's Law; Electrostatic Induction (PDF)
3 Coulomb's Law (cont.); Induction (PDF)
4 Electric Field (PDF)
5 Electric Field (cont.) (PDF)
6 Electric Flux; Gauss's Law (PDF)
7 Electric Flux (cont.); Gauss's Law (cont.) (PDF)
8 Kelvin Water Drop Generator; Electric Potential Energy; Electric Potential (PDF)
9 Conductors, Isolators, and Semi-Conductors (PDF)
10 Review for Quiz 1 (PDF)
11 Electric Field and Electric Potential; Capacitors (PDF)
12 Capacitors as Energy Storage; Capacitors in Circuits (PDF)
13 Dielectrics; Electrostatic Force Experiment (PDF)
14 Electric Current; Resistivity and Resistance; Ohm's Law (PDF)
15 Electric Power; Electromotive Force; Circuits; Kirchoff's Rules (PDF)
16 DC and RC Circuits (PDF)
17 Review for Quiz 2 (PDF)
18 Electrical Breakdown Experiment; Ionization (PDF)
19 Magnetism (PDF)
20 Charged Particles in a Magnetic Field; Sources of Magnetic Fields (PDF)
21 Biot-Savart Law; Ampere's Law (PDF)
22 Review for Quiz 3 (PDF)
23 Inductance; RL Circuits; Energy Storage in Inductors (PDF)
24 RLC Circuits (PDF)
25 LC Circuits; Displacement Current; Maxwell's Equations (PDF)
26 Electromagnetic Waves (PDF)
27 Properties of EM waves (PDF)
28 Review (PDF)
29 Microwave Experiment; Polarization (PDF)
30 Polarization; Superposition; Scattering of Light (PDF)