Each partnership of two students will build and use 9 experiments. All experiments need to be demonstrated and checked off during lab hours. Experiment related questions will be included on the problem sets in the assignments section, as well as in each of the 4 quizzes in the exams section. Early check-off of the experiments will be awarded bonus points.

Complete instructions and questions for the experiments can be found in the experiment manual. All necessary materials can be acquired from an online electronics supply source.

Experiment Manual

The Entire Manual (PDF - 4.2 MB)

By Chapters

Introduction (PDF)

Safety (PDF)

About Wire (PDF)

About Soldering - Making Clip Leads - CLK (PDF)

Exercise: The Multimeter - MM (PDF)

Building the LVPS - Low Voltage Power Supply (PDF)

Voltage, Current and Resistance (PDF)

Experiment VI - Voltage, Current and Resistance (PDF)

Building the HVPS - High Voltage Power Supply (PDF)

Experiment EF - Electrostatic Force (PDF)

Experiment EB - Electrical Breakdown (PDF)

Experiment MF - Magnetic Force (PDF)

Building the AMP - Amplifier (PDF)

Experiment MW - Microwaves (PDF)

Red Box Contents and Kit Parts List (PDF)

For the lab write-ups (to be handed in by both partners, together with the problem sets), please follow the questions that are provided together with the problem sets and not the questions in the manual - those are similar, but often somewhat confusing.