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The desktop experiments were conducted during the class sessions listed in the table.

4 Experiment 1 Visualizations (PDF)  
7 Experiment 2 Electrostatic Force (PDF) exp02.xls (XLS)
8 Experiment 3 Faraday Ice Pail (PDF) exp03.ds (DS)
12 Experiment 4 Ohm's Law and RC Circuits (PDF) exp04.ds (DS)
14 Experiment 5 Magnetic Fields (PDF) exp05.ds (DS)
15 Experiment 6 Magnetic Force (PDF) exp06.ds (DS)
17 Experiment 7 Dipoles in B Fields (PDF - 1.8 MB) exp07.ds (DS)
exp07.xls (XLS)
18 Experiment 8 Magnetic Forces (PDF) exp08.xls (XLS)
21 Experiment 9 Faraday's Law (PDF) exp09.ds (DS)
25 Experiment 10 LR and Undriven LRC Circuits (PDF) exp10.ds (DS)
26 Experiment 11 Driven RLC Circuit (PDF) exp11a.ds (DS)
exp11b.ds (DS)
32 Experiment 12 Microwaves (PDF)  
33 Experiment 13 Interference (PDF) exp13.xls (XLS)