Course Meeting Times

Fall 2005:

Lectures: 3 sessions / week
Lec 1: 2 hours / session
Lec 2 and 3: 1 hour / session

Recitations: 1 session / week, 1 hour / session

IAP 2006:

Lectures: 16 sessions for 4 weeks, 2 hours / session

Recitations: 4 sessions for 4 weeks, 1 hour / session

Course Overview


Buy at Amazon Young, Hugh D., and Roger A. Freedman. University Physics. 11th ed. with Mastering Physics. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 2004.  ISBN: 9780805391800.

Problem Sets

Written problem sets are due once a week. On exam weeks, however, no problem sets are due.

Mastering Physics Homework (Note: Not available to OCW users)

There are weekly on-line assignments, which use the Mastering Physics software that comes with the Young and Freedman Textbook. The questions will cover some of the material in the up-coming class. The goal of this assignment is to introduce you to the concepts that will be covered in class the next day.

In-class Work

During class, students will perform hands-on experiments in small groups. Students will work on solving problems in small groups during a portion of the lectures and recitations.

Tutor Meetings

Students must attend a one-hour meeting once a week with one of the Tutors. A small group of students will attend each meeting together. During this time, the tutor will answer questions and assist students with any difficulties found in solving the problems. Attendance at these sessions is mandatory.


There will be four exams: Three one-hour exams will be given during the fall semester, and the final exam will be a three-hour comprehensive exam at the end of IAP.

Policy on Cooperation, Outside Help, and Grades

Homework: You are strongly encouraged to work with other students to discuss the assignments. You can also ask any questions of your recitation instructor or tutor. However, we insist that you write up your solutions by yourself.

Mastering Physics: You must complete the computer assignments on your own, without any direct assistance. You are allowed to ask for hints or suggestions off-line if you get stuck on a particular problem but you are not allowed to have anyone else working with you at the computer.

Exams: No outside notes, books, or assistance of any kind is allowed during exams.

Grading Policy

Activities Percentages
In-class Exam 1 10%
In-class Exam 2 15%
In-class Exam 3 15%
Final Exam 25%
In-class Experiments 5%
In-class Problem Solving 4%
Written Homework 10%
Tutor Meeting Attendance 3%
Mastering Physics 10%
Lecture Attendance 3%