Lec # Topics
1 Introduction
2 Force as a Vector, Static Equilibrium, Addition and Subtraction of Vectors
3 Example Problems
4 Free-body Diagrams and Example Problems, More Discussion of Specific Types of Vectors
5 Kinematics: Describing 1D Motion, Relative Velocity
6 Example Problems: Kinematics and Velocity
7 Kinematics: 2D Motion, Circular Motion
8 Newton's Three Laws
9 Example Problems: Newton's Laws
10 Friction
11 Springs
12 Circular Motion with Gravity
13 Conclusion of F=ma, Start of Work/Energy
14 Exam Review, Work/Energy, Potential Energy
15 Potential Energy (cont.)
16 Potential Energy Diagrams, Potential Energy of Springs
17 Conservation of Momentum
18 Momentum, Combining Momentum and Energy
19 2D Collisions
20 Power, Impulse, Center of Mass
21 Simple Harmonic Motion
22 More on Simple Harmonic Motion, Introduction to More Accurate Gravity Formula
23 More on Gravity
24 Example Problems: Energy and Gravity
25 Properties of Fluids
26 Introduction to Angular Motion
27 Statics and Dynamics of Angular Motion
28 Everything you need to know about the Dynamics of Rotation
29 Pendulums and Kinetic Energy of Rotation
30 Energy and Momentum of Rotation
31 More about Momentum of Rotation
32 More about Momentum of Rotation (cont.)
33 Conclusion of Angular Momentum
34 Final Exam Review