Project Milestones

The project teams progressed through a sequence of seven milestones during the term. Presentation slides summarizing the milestone requirements are provided below for the first three milestones.

  1. Elevator Pitch and Related Work (PDF)
  2. Needs Assessments Initial Results (PDF)
  3. System Design, and Initial Implementation Results (PDF)
  4. Sustainability / Financial Factors
  5. Feature Complete, General Progress Report
  6. Working Demo
  7. Final Presentation Event

Project Team Pages

From a longer list of potential projects, student teams worked on the following seven projects.  Each of the following links goes to a page presenting videos and slides of final results, as well as interim milestones and some supplemental project materials.

Giving Farmers a Fighting Chance (with ITESM Zacatecas, Mexico)
Get New Money: Multilevel marketing for microfinance (with Cobiscorp Bank, Ecuador)
M-commerce (with United Villages, India)
MoCa: Mobile diagnostics for cervical cancer (with CIDRZ, Zambia)
Fellows Forum: Mobile social network for students in low-income communities (with Telmex, Mexico)
NextMap: Disaster Management (with CRS, India and InnovGreen, Vietnam)
Thrive in 5 Baby Blog (with Mayor’s Office, Boston)