The writing assignments and LaTeX exercises below were developed and refined by a succession of instructors in the MIT Department of Mathematics. These resources, and many others, are available on the MathDL Mathematical Communications website. This public site is hosted by the Mathematical Association of America as part of the Mathematical Digital Sciences Library (MathDL). For more information, please see the MathDL page about MIT's communication-intensive offering of Real Analysis.


Introduction to the course;

Precise definitions;

Introduction to LaTeX with list of resources

Writing Assignment 1: Propose and discuss various definitions of "gap" (PDF)

Logic and quantifiers;

Proof-writing strategies: when to use what; Writing readable LaTeX code.

LaTex Exercise 1: Tables and figures (PDF)
  Student Holiday. No Class Two precise questions for the review session
3 Review session Writing Assignment 2: Proofs in context (PDF)

Using guiding text, providing motivation, local-to-global structure in math writing.

Polishing Writing Assignment 2 (mathematical revision if needed)

Information order and connectivity;

Intro to peer review

Revising information order and connectivity;

Peer reviews

6 Small group peer review Final revision of Writing Assignment 2 (PDF)

Writing for different audiences;

Commenting on p-set problems

Writing Assignment 3: Writing for different audiences (PDF);

Two precise questions for the review session

8 Review session Mathematical revision of Writing Assignment 3 if needed
9 Elegant proofs Peer reviews
10 Small group peer review Final revision of Writing Assignment 3

Presentations and slides;

Tables, figures, beamer and bibliographies in LaTeX.

LATEX Exercise 2: Slides and graphics (PDF)
12 In-class feedback; Review session Reminder: Course evaluation

Grading Policy

Work completed for 18.100C's recitation will account for 25% of your total grade. 180 points will be distributed in the following fashion:

Writing Assignment 1 20
Writing Assignment 2 35
Writing Assignment 3 35
LaTeX Exercise 1 15
LaTeX Exercise 2 15
Peer review 1 and Connectivity assignment 15
Peer review 2 15
P-set problems writing (LaTeX) 30

Attendance Policy

Class attendance is mandatory. Because this is a discussion class, you are expected to be present in class and prepared to contribute. A note is required from a dean for an absence to be excused. Every unexcused absence of the first two will lower your recitations grade by 25 points. The third absence will make you fail 18.100C recitations, hence 18.100C.