This section contains recitation problems and notes, which include solutions.

1 Logic, proving an implication (PDF) (PDF)
2 Induction (PDF) (PDF)
3 State machines (PDF) (PDF)
4 Greatest common divisor (PDF) (PDF)
5 Exponentiation, modular arithmetic, RSA (PDF) (PDF)
6 Graph basics (PDF) (PDF)
7 Stable marriage problem (PDF) (PDF)
8 Build-up error, the grow algorithm (PDF) (PDF)
9 Traveling salesperson problem (PDF) (PDF)
10 Analysis of two networks, routing in a Beneš network (PDF) (PDF)
11 Equivalence relations, chains, topological sort (PDF) (PDF)
12 The L-tower problem, double sums (PDF) (PDF)
13 Asymptotic notation, asymptotic equivalence (PDF) (PDF)
14 Guessing a particular solution, linear recurrences (PDF) (PDF)
15 Counting problems, pigeonhole principle (PDF) (PDF)
16 Combinatorial proof, more counting (PDF) (PDF)
17 Probability, Monty Hall problem (PDF) (PDF)
18 Total probability law (PDF) (PDF)
19 Bayes' rule (PDF) (PDF)
20 Philosophy of probability (PDF) (PDF)
21 Conditional expectation and total expectation (PDF) (PDF)
22 Expected value rule for functions of random variables, properties of variance (PDF) (PDF)
23 Probability theorems (PDF) (PDF)