The course notes below form the "textbook" for the course. Each week, students are required to read the relevant notes, answer questions about these notes assigned on an Online Tutor, and email to the instructor comments on a passage from the reading that was difficult, surprising, or should be more thoroughly explained. Prof. Albert Meyer attempts to adapt lectures in response to student email on the reading.

Week 1 - Proofs (PDF)

Week 2 - Predicates and Sets (PDF)

Week 3 - Induction (PDF)

Week 4 - Binary Relations (PDF)

Week 5 - Graphs (PDF)

Week 6 - Introduction to Number Theory (PDF)

Week 7 - State Machines: Invariants and Termination (PDF); Fallacies with Infinity (PDF)

Week 8 - Sums, Products and Asymptotics (PDF)

Week 9 - Counting I (PDF)

Week 10 - Counting II (PDF)

Week 11 - Generating Functions (PDF)

Week 12 - Introduction to Probability (PDF)

Week 13 - Random Variables, Distributions and Expectation (PDF)

Week 14 - Missed Expectations? (PDF)