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Buy at Amazon [DOI] Rogers, Everett M. Diffusion of Innovations. 5th ed. New York, NY: Free Press, 2003. ISBN: 9780743222099.

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Buy at Amazon Prahalad, C. K. The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Wharton School Publishing, 2006. ISBN: 9780131877290.

1 Big ideas  
2 Development entrepreneurship, $100k and IDEAS competitions DOI, chapter 1
3 IDEAS competition, Deshpande Center for Innovation  
4 Team formation, meaning of "Development" and proposal outline DOI, chapter 3
5 Co-evolutionary design for development  
6 Case study — Muhammad Yunus (Susan Murcott) Banker to the Poor - begin
7 Case study — Muhammad Yunus - continued discussion (Susan Murcott) Banker to the Poor - finish
8 Case study — Dr. Paul Farmer and Dr. Venkataswamy (Ali Alhassani)

Buy at Amazon Kidder, Tracy. Mountains Beyond Mountains. New York, NY: Random House, 2003, chapters 1-4. ISBN: 9780375506161.

Partners in Health
9 Theory DOI, chapters 4 and 5
10 IDEAS proposals review workshop  
11 Case study — participatory development and patent basics and confidentiality (Tamira Gunzburg)

Reading Guide (PDF) (Courtesy Tamira Gunzburg. Used with permission.)

Chambers, Robert. "Participatory Rural Appraisal: Analysis of Experience." World Development 22 (1994): 1253-1268.

Participatory Learning and Action

Guijt, Irene, and Andrea Cornwall. "Critical Reflections on the Practice of PRA." PLA Notes, no. 24 (1995): 2-7.

Two Web sites that complement these readings:

Social Impact Assessment

Guidelines and Principles for Social Impact Assessment
12 Case study — Ghana pottery and patents (cont.) (Jessica Lee) Browne, Angela W. "Appropriate Technology and the Dynamics of Village Industry: A Case Study of Pottery in Ghana." Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 6 (1981): 313-323.
13 Finance

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. "Meeting the Needs of Technology Entrepreneurs in Massachusetts." (PDF)

Boston Harbor Angels

Golden Seeds
14 Case study — making aid work (Angela Kilby)

Buy at MIT Press Banerjee, Abhijit Vinayak. "Making Aid Work." Boston Review, 2006. (Also in Buy at Amazon Making Aid Work. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2007. ISBN: 9780262026154.)

URL responses to "Making Aid Work"

Case study — mixed income housing (Daniel Bergey)

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15 Finance (cont.) Mauro Nunez links/project (PDF)
16 Case study — rural energy in developing countries (Zehra Ali)

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17 IdeasStream conference DOI, chapters 6 and 7
18 Monitoring and evaluation

Abdul Latif Jameen Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL)

Duflo, Esther. "Field Experiments in Development Economics." Chapter 13 in Advances in Economics and Econometrics: Theory and Applications, Ninth World Congress. Vol. 2. Edited by Richard Blundell, Whitney K. Newey, and Torsten Persson. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 2006. ISBN: 9780521871532.

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19 Case study — total sanitation (Ibrahim Kanan)

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20 Technology for remediation of arsenic in drinking water DOI, chapters 8 and 9
21 Case study — human waste reuse (Xavier Gonzalez)

Reed, Bob, and Rod Shaw. "Using Human Waste." Technical Brief 63. Water and Environmental Health at London and Loughborough (WELL). (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF)

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22 Social marketing DOI, chapters 10 and 11
23 Case study — biogas in Nepal (Chris Tostado)  
24 Final presentations Entire class
25 Final presentations (cont.) Entire class