Lecture Notes

Lecture notes taken by a student are linked in the Lecture Notes column below.

1 Big ideas Big ideas and introductions (PDF) (PDF)
2 Development entrepreneurship, $100K and IDEAS competitions

Guest: Joost Bonsen (PDF) (Courtesy of Joost Bonsen. Used with permission.)

DOI, chapter 1 (PDF)

3 IDEAS competition, Deshpande Center for Innovation Guests: Alison Hynd, Katja Wald (PDF) (Courtesy of Alison Hynd. Used with permission.) (PDF)
4 Team formation, meaning of "Development" and proposal outline DOI, chapter 3 (PDF) (PDF)
5 Co-evolutionary design for development

Video: "Clean Water for 1 Billion People - the Nepal Water Project."

Video: "Arsenic: Largest Case of Mass Poisoning in History."

Co-evolutionary design (PDF - 2.8 MB) (Photos courtesy of Tommy Ngai. Used with permission.)

6 Case study — Muhammad Yunus: Banker to the poor Video: Muhammad Yunus (PDF)
7 Case study — Muhammad Yunus - continued discussion   (PDF)
8 Case study — Dr. Paul Farmer and Dr. Venkataswamy (Ali Alhassani)

Video: "Infinite Vision"
(Courtesy Aravind Eye Care System. Used with permission.)

9 Theory DOI, chapters 4 and 5 (PDF) (PDF)
10 IDEAS proposals review workshop   (PDF)
11 Case study — participatory development and patent basics and confidentiality (Tamira Gunzburg) Guest: Dan Dardani, MIT Technology Licensing Office (PDF)

Case study — Ghana pottery and patents (cont.) (Jessica Lee)

Guest: Dan Dardani, MIT Technology Licensing Office (PDF)
13 Finance Guest: Teresa Nelson and Mauro Nunez (PDF) (Courtesy of Prof. Teresa Nelson. Used with permission.) (PDF)
14 Case Study — making aid work (Angela Kilby), mixed income housing (Daniel Bergey)   (PDF)
15 Finance (cont.) Guest: Mauro Nunez (PDF)
16 Case Study — rural energy in developing countries (Zehra Ali), eco-effectiveness (Tess Veuthey)   (PDF)
17 IdeasStream conference and innovation showcase; Theory Attend conference; DOI, chapters 6 and 7 (PDF)  
18 Monitoring and evaluation Guest: Rachel Glennerster, Executive Director, Poverty Action Lab (PDF) (Courtesy of Rachel Glennerster and the Poverty Action Lab. Used with permission.) (PDF)
19 Case Study — total sanitation (Ibrahim Kanan)   (PDF)
20 Technology for remediation of arsenic in drinking water; Theory Guest: Abul Hussam, winner of $1M Grainger challenge prize; DOI, chapters 8 and 9 (PDF) (PDF)
21 Case study — human waste reuse (Xavier Gonzalez)   (PDF)
22 Social marketing

Pure Home Water in Northern Ghana (PDF - 3.9 MB)

Video: "Barefoot Women Solar Engineers."

23 Case study — biogas in Nepal (Chris Tostado)   (PDF)
24 Final presentations See Projects (PDF)
25 Final presentations (cont.) See Projects (PDF)