Week 5: Wind and Micro-Hydro


BOPrenuer. "Ending Poverty (period)." Blog posting, January 8, 2010.

Fuel from the Fields Team. "Fuel from the Fields: Charcoal from Agricultural Waste." (PDF) Technical Brief. Practical Action, 2010. (Courtesy of Practical Action. Used with permission.)


Pre-Trip Project Work

Project work will ramp up during the next few weeks prior to the spring break trip (Week 8).  Here's what's expected during Weeks 5 to 7.

First brainstorm Produce annotated pictures from each team member for each project During Lab 5 class
Literature search on topics

What exists? How does it function? How is it made? Focus writing on summarize & reflect, not assess — only include sources that pass the assessment

Reference: "Annotated Bibliographies," from the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL).

Deliverable: ~2 page annotated bibliography per project

End of Week 5
Develop project specifications

How: 2.009 Specification lecture slides (PDF)

Example: 2.009 Fruit Spec

Deliverable: specs for each project using 2.009 format (attribute, metric, unit, value)
It is likely you won't be able to fill in all the values until your trip.

End of Week 6, revised by end of Week 7
Second brainstorm 2 annotated pictures for each project End of Week 6, revised by end of Week 7
Materials list for trip Delivered to project partners End of Week 6
Question list for trip   During Lecture 7 class
15-minute project presentation Contents:
  1. literature search findings
  2. project specifications
  3. annotated pictures
  4. key questions
  5. key expected activities
During Lecture 7 class