Week 8: Community Partner Trips

Trip Resources

Travel Tips (PDF)

Packing list (PDF)

Sample equipment travel letter (PDF)

Post-Trip Assignments

Design Challenges

As a team, collaboratively complete design challenge worksheets for all projects identified and supplement them with pictures. Bring the hard copies to class.


As a team, collaboratively sort through your pictures, select the most relevant ones, and organize them into several folders:

  • one folder for each project with the 10-20 most relevant pictures
  • one folder with general trip pictures (about 20-30)
  • one folder that has truly spectacular photos

Upload the pictures onto the D-Lab Flickr account. Add captions to describe each picture. Use the D-Lab India Avani Charcoal & Stove collection as a sample of how to title, caption and attribute credits to photographs.

Results: Flickr photo collection of D-Lab Energy 2011 community partner visits


In the lecture session the week after your trip (lecture #8), each team will give a 10-minute presentation about their trip, and present the top 3-5 ideas for projects. You are welcome to only use pictures for the presentation, so that you don't have to spend time prepping slides. To do so, just create a Flickr folder with the pictures from your presentation.

Trip Summary

As a team, collaboratively write a 2–3 page narrative of what happened on the trip. Include fun/interesting anecdotes in addition to an overview of what was accomplished. In addition, write a list of lessons learned at the end, documenting things that went well and things that could be improved about the trip.