Lecture Notes

1 Introductions, looking at pictures, frame activity, looking with tubes   (PDF - 1.5MB)
2 Discussion of Bio, activity with frames, string, mirrors, drawing devices; lenses and looking outside (PDF - 1.3MB) (PDF)
3 Discussion of frame activities, diagrams, Galileo compass, spectacles, lens activities (PDF)  
4 Glass lab visit, explorations with lenses and viewing

(PDF - 1.3MB)

(PDF - 1.6MB)

5 Harvard instrument collection and Houghton library (PDF)  
6 Discussion of Harvard visit, motion activities, lens, powers of ten (PDF)  
7 Discussion of settle reading, of motion; motion activities, discussion, telescope viewing (PDF)  
8 Visit to MIT museum; slide rule collection (PDF)  
9 and 10 Telescope viewing, motion, light and lens (PDF)  
11 Motions, lenses viewing in the hall, Westford observatory (PDF)