1 Introduction to seminar and what we want to during the semester. Definitions of latitude / longitude and height. Astronomical latitude and longitude determination. Set to have measurements done before Lec #2 (equinox). Write up needed for next class (see exercises in the assignments section)  
2 We examine the results from exercise 1 — determination of the latitude and longitude of MIT campus Exercise 1 due
3 Discussion of results and techniques used to measure positions geometrically. How do you measure position without gravity? Geometric systems that use distance measurement. How to do this. How do you make maps and what is significance. Exercise 2 is set  
4-5 Discuss the results of the circle measurements. Start looking at how GPS works Exercise 2 due
6 Fieldwork in the circle. Use the theodolite to make the measurements. Students to reduce the results by the next class  
7 Discussion of circle results obtained Exercise 3 due
8 GPS candy hunt. Before Lec #9, students bring in reports on the applications of GPS (for good and bad). Spring UROP discussions  
9 UROP discussions (cont.)