Exercise 1: Due in Lec #2

Determine the latitude and longitude of the MIT campus using a method of your own choice without using GPS or a map (or any Web resources that tell you the latitude and longitude). Your submission should include:

(a) A discussion of your method and why you choose it.
(b) The data collected during your measurements.
(c) Calculation of the latitude and longitude.

Exercise 2: Due in Lec #4-5

Determine the radius of the circle outside the green building. There is a grass inner ring and a concrete outer ring. The radius of the outer edge of the concrete ring should be determined. In the center of the circle is a sprinkler head, use an indirect method (i.e., no by direct distance measurement) to determine the distance from the sprinkler to the outer concrete edge.

Exercise 3: Due in Lec #7

Use the EDM (Electronic Distance Measurement) to make the measurements of the radius of the circle.

From the measurements made you are to determine:

(a) Estimates of the radius from the main tripod measurements.
(b) Estimates of the radius for each rod measurements. Plot the radius as a function of angle around the center of the circle.

MATLAB file for exercise 3, Proj_3_05.m (M)