Exercises from Fall 2006

Radiative Transfer (PDF)

The HITRAN data base can be downloaded (together with the HAWKS program) from the Web site.
The HAWKS program can be used for the "Search" and "Plot" portions of the exercise together with the HITRAN data base. To do the "Trans" portion of the exercise, it is necessary to purchase the PCLnWin code which is available from ONTAR Corporation for purchase. The ONTAR Web site and their current price list quotes $4,900.00 for PCLnWin ver 3.0.

Pcmodwin (PDF)
The MODTRAN code is necessary to perform this exercise and it is available for purchase from ONTAR Corporation. Their current price list quotes $2,400.00.

Mie Theory (PDF)

Multiple Scattering (PDF)

Remote Sensing (PDF)
The first part of this exercise requires that the student have access to a matrix inversion computer program. The second part requires the use of PCModWin which was previously used for PCmodwin exercise.