Following are the Software used in this Course

Plot Soundings on Skew T Diagrams and make Buoyancy Plots

Instructions (PDF)
wyoming.f (F)
getsounding.m (M)
skewt.m (M)
tcon.m (M)

Radiative-Moist Convective Model

User Guide (PDF)
dimensions.h (H)
dimphy.h (H)
get_parameters.m (M)
get_parameters_ver2 (ASV)
get_parameters_ver2.m (M)
glue.m (M)
inputdlg_new.m (M)
mac (PNG)
mac2 (PNG)
make_input_tmp.m (M) (IN) (IN)
profile.out (OUT)
raddim.h (H)
raddimlw.h (H)
radepsi.h (H)
radopt.h (H)
rc_ver2.f (F)
rc_ver2dos (APPLICATION)
rc_ver2unix (UNIX)
rcm.m (M)
rcmenu.m (M)
rcmenu_new.m (M)
rcmenu2.m (M)
rcnewrad (FILE)
rcnewrad.f (F)
rcnewrad.mac (MAC)
rcnewrad.o (O)
rcnewrad_ipa8_rcnewrad.oo (OO)
rcnewrad64 (FILE)
run_model.m (M) (IN) (MATLAB) (ORIG)
sounding.out (OUT)
sounding.std (STD)
thermo.h (H)
write_params_in.m (M)
write_params_in_ver2 (ASV)
write_params_in_ver2.m (M)
write_sounding_in.m (M)

Run a Two-dimensional PE Model for Hadley, Monsoon and Tropical Equatorial Phenomena

Readme File (PDF)
dimensions.h (H)
dimphy.h (H)
imenux.m (M)
imenuy.m (M) (IN) (IN)
raddim.h (H)
raddimlw.h (H)
radepsi.h (H)
radopt.h (H)
skewt.m (M) (IN) (IN)
spectrum.m (M)
thermo.h (H)
TwoD.f (F)

MATLAB® Script for Plotting out Matsuno Modes

Matsuno.m (M)

Notes, FORTRAN program, and MATLAB script for Gill Problem

Notes on the Gill Model (PDF)
Help File (PDF)
gill.f (F)
gill_params.txt (TXT)
gill.m (M)

Notes, FORTRAN program, and MATLAB script for reduced model of the Tropics

Notes on the Model (PDF)
tropics.f (F)
input.txt (TXT)
maps.m (M)

Notes, FORTRAN program, and MATLAB script for simple coupled hurricane model

Readme File (PDF)
hurr.f (F)
hurrparams.txt (TXT)
hurrplot.m (M)