1 Some Physical Properties of Sea Water Problem set 1 out
2 Rotation 101: Some Basics Problem set 1 due
3 Rotation 101 (cont.): Effects of Rotation on a Sphere: f- and β-planes

Earth's Gravity Field and Sea Level
4 Ekman Layers, Friction and Geostrophic Flow Problem set 2 out
5 Wind-Driven Circulation: Stommel's Gyre and Sverdrup's Balance Problem set 2 due
6 Stress in the Ocean  
7 Observations of the Gulf Stream in the N. Atlantic Problem set 3 out
8 Global Hydrographic Climatology Problem set 3 due
9 Equatorial Twists to Mid-Latitude Dynamics  
10 The Large Scale Thermohaline Circulation: Some Thermodynamics Problem set 4 out
11 The Thermohaline Circulation Problem set 4 due
12 Another Wrinkle on Observations of the Abyssal Ocean: Geothermal Heating and Hydrothermal Vents  
13 Tidal Forces Problem set 5 out
14 Introduction to "Waves" and Time Dependent Motion Problem set 5 due
15 Internal Waves Presentations due
16 Final Exam