Lecture Notes


1 Course Overview (PDF)
2 Stress (PDF)
3 Different Representations of Stress (PDF)
4 Tectonic Stress (PDF)
5 Changing Coordinate Systems and Mohr's Circle (PDF)
6 Stress Variations in the Crust (PDF)
7 Strain (PDF)
8 Measuring Strain (PDF)
9 Mohr's Circle for Strain (PDF)
10 Finite Strain - Motivation (PDF)
11 Introduction to Constitutive Equations and Elasticity (PDF)
12 Elasticity (PDF)
13 More Special Cases of Elasticity (PDF)
14 Simple Example: Uniaxial Strain (PDF)
15 Special Cases (PDF)
16 Dislocation in Elastic Halfspace Model of the Earthquake Cycle (PDF)
17 Stress and Strain from a Screw Dislocation (PDF)
18 Plates (PDF)
19 Plates (cont.) (PDF)
20 Plates (cont.) (PDF)
21 Fluids (PDF)
22 Fluids (cont.) (PDF)
23 Navier Stokes Equation (PDF)

The Rayleigh - Taylor Instability (PDF)

Additional File: RTmovie.avi (AVI - 6.8 MB)

25 The Stream Function and Postglacial Rebound (PDF)
26 Corner Flow (PDF)
27 Flow in Porous Media (PDF)
28 Time Dependent Porous Flow (PDF)