1 Organizational Meeting Organizational Meeting
2 Field: Beavertail (Map Skills, Compass, Notebooks, Sketches, 3-D Visualization, x-Sections, Columns, Organization)
3 Introduction to Field Camp and Geologic Mapping Map and Brunton Skills: Map Location/Orientation, S/D, T/P, Triangulation, Data Symbology, Distance Estimates Lab 1 out
4 North American Geologic History: ~2 billion to ~340ma: Passive Margin to Antler Orogeny Introduction to GIS: Concept, Software Applications, Data Types, Data Creation/Editing, Labuser Accounts Lab 2 out
5 Making Geologic Maps: Georeferencing, Tracing Points, Lines, Polygons, Working with Layers of Data Lab 3 out
6 North American Geologic History: ~340ma to ~250ma: Antler Orogeny to Permian Reading and Interpreting Geologic Maps: Structural and Lithologic Symbology, Columns, x-Sections
7 North American Geologic History: ~250ma to ~present: Permian to Present Finalizing A Digital Geologic Map: Integration of Disparate Line Data into Polygons, Legend, Colors, Layout Lab 4 out
8 Introduction to Detachment Faults and Southwestern North America 3-D Visualization Exercises: Draping Geology, Rule of V's, x-Sections and Block Diagrams from Geologic Maps Lab 5 out
9 Tertiary Extension in the Colorado River Region iPAQs and Mapsmith: Device Issues, GPS, ArcPad, Mapping Tools
10 Big Maria Fold and Thrust Belt Working with Rocks: Identification, Classification, Hammers, Hand Lenses, Acid, Magnets etc.
11 Tectonic Context Exerts Control on Later Structures iPAQs Mapping Exercise: Trial Run with Devices
12 Fast Extension in the Buckskin Mountains Reconnaissance Work for Field Area, GIS, Regional Maps, Structural, Stratigraphic and Logistical Expectations
13 Magmatism, Extension and Our Field Area Field Preparation: Technical and Logistic Planning, Ironing out the Bugs