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Spring 2016

Learning Java

6.005 requires you to get up to speed quickly with the basics of Java. If you are not familiar with Java:


The lecture slides and short programming assignments below are from IAP course 6.092 in 2010 . They were authored by Evan Jones, Adam Marcus, and Eugene Wu.

You can also look at materials from 6.S092 in 2015 or the most recent materials from 6.178 in 2016 .


Short Programming Assignments

You can use these assignments to practice Java before diving into PS0 , Git , and JUnit .

The assignments below are not required for 6.005. You will not turn them in.

To work on the assignments, create a new Eclipse Java project ( File → New → Java Project , name it tutorial , click Finish ).

Then create a new class file ( File → New → Class , enter the CamelCase name, click Finish ).

Then copy-and-paste in the provided starting code.

To run a class with a main method, right-click and choose Run As → Java Application .

Have fun in 6.005!